Runva 13XP PREMIUM 12V with Synthetic Rope - full IP67 protection

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Runva 13 XP Premium 12 Volt with synthetic rope

Rated Line Pull- 1300lb (5897kg)

Motor- Series wound 12Volt 5.6kW/7.6HP IP67 Rated

Gear Train- Full Steel 3 Stage Planetary 

Gear Ratio- 228:1

Brake- Automatic ratchet load holding in the gearbox

Synthetic Rope- 11mm x 26.5m

Drum Size- 63mm x 217mm

Mounting Bolt Pattern- 254mm x 114.3mm

Overall Dimensions- 602mm x 160mm x 200mm

Remote Control- 3.7m Handheld Remote/Wireless Remote

Battery Leads- Included 2x 1.8m Heavy Duty Leads

Finish- Black Powder Coat

Net Weight- 31.4kg

Gross Weight- 33.4kg

Warranty- Limited Lifetime

This model features the newly designed gearbox with integrated ratchet braking system. The ENTIRE winch is IP67 rated.